Here’s a new year for this Animal Drawing Challenge. For 2019, the animals species lists will run uninterrupted until May. What will happen next?Actually, I have no idea for now. Either I’ll start again, take a more precise lists of animal species, go back on the months I did’nt complete ? I will consult people who follow the challenge on social networks to see which direction to go.

What was 2018 like for #1day1animal

It was my first full year creating and following a drawing challenge. It requires more organization than usual, true. And sometimes you have to compromise.

My take as an illustrator

I had a few months off the challenge, but I was able to make about 220 drawings of the 344 that were planned. That’s a 63% complete goal. I have some empty months like November and December because I needed time after the Inktober marathon. The months holidays are less filled, I often took the opportunity to relax. In between theses 220 illustrated animals, I also drew more than 35 illustrations for a recipes’ book project. Add 50+ illustrations for Taleming, my friend Mathieu’s children’s story project.

It’s a lot since I am not a full time illustrator. I also work as a freelance SEO expert. Time was not wasted here 🙂

How did the Challenge go on social media ?

It came as a surprise for me but the challenge did great on social networks. We’re far from the figures of say Inktober, but it’s ok, it was meant to be that way (in fact it was just for me in the beginning). # 1day1animal is a small project.

The goal is simply to have fun and see beautiful animal drawings. A few illustrators have participated and I hope more will join in the future.

The keyword # 1day1animal has collected a little more than 1500 posts on instagram. You can see them on a nice page of the site which gathers all the instagram posts.

A few participants :

And many others! Among my favorites:

The hashtag on Twitter is less known, partly because I did not put too much energy in it right now.

So this is a beautiful project that continues and will rally a few more people in the coming months. With a beautiful logo designed by the awesome, a site that begins to be more interesting and especially a double goal: progress in drawing and save the animals!

As a reminder, the lists are in the pages of the menu. Current lists and past lists can also be an inspiration, whenever you want. Most of the pages are bilingual, I’m working on an english / french version 🙂

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