How to use # 1day1animal

This is a non-profit challenge. I would like to ask the illustrators and creators who publish and sell products made with this hashtag or list to follow some guidelines :

  1. Quote the website and / or the creator, you have the choice
  2. Use the logo designed by Sonia, it is available here for download.
  3. If possible, donate a portion of your profits to an animal welfare association and mention it.

Attention: these are recommendations, you are free to follow them or not 🙂

Regarding the third point, donating some of your profits: I’m talking about the money that remains after all your expenses including your remuneration . If there is nothing left, you can buy a book from another author of # 1day1animal for example, or buy the beautiful Expedition Art “In Danger” Artbook which donates some of its funds to the animal cause.

What is not allowed

I do not wish that # 1day1animal to be used for commercial purposes, the logo, the denomination and the brand belong to their authors. So if one day there is an enamel pin, a sticker or a # 1day1animal tshirt, it will come from us.

Have fun !