A Drawing Challenge

What is an Art Challenge ?

An art challeng can be a bunch of things. It consists of drawing regularly on a given theme, most of the time. One of the best known is Inktober, created by Jake Parker.

Taking part in a Drawing Challenge is a nice way to:

  • Become part of a community
  • Improve your drawing
  • Improve your visibility

Are there other drawing challenges than # 1day1animal

There are many art challenges today, I have already quoted Inktober but there are also:

  • Mermay in May
  • Faebruary in February
  • March of Robots in March
  • Kaijune in June

For each of them, you will often find a list of daily prompts. Keep in mind that these community events are primarily exercises and not competitions. Everyone is free to participate as one wishes and to use the products of his creativity as one sees fit. Sometimes, some recommendations are made by the authors and initiators of these challenges, it is also nice to respect them.