For 10 months now, I’ve been drawing an animal every day or so. I like to share, so I created a little hashtag and each month I publish a list of animals to draw. Several artists have joined in over the months, for a long or short time, according to their inclination and availabilities.

1day1animal illustration kness carpes
Koi carps

Today, there are 1460 publications on instagram, and more on twitter and facebook. So I thought adding a hub to gather everything would be a nice addition to this growing project.

Like all drawing challenges, # 1day1animal is free. This is not a competition, it’s at best a routine, a training, a good excuse to draw as much sloths as you want (do we need excuses though ?)

It’s also an opportunity to discover many animals that we don’t know not. This month I’m hopefully going through with animal number 300 on my list. I learned a lot with this challenge, I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

illustration challenge de dessin 1day1animal kness

Some information is available in the FAQs and the November and December lists are online on the lists page.

In the future, I would like to be able to highlight the projects of participating artists, also the associations of protection that I hold dear. I will also produce some feature articles on these topics, as I already do for my own site and for

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